About Rebekale

Rebecca Schneorson, Plastic artist influenced mainly by Impressionism and Surrealism, expresses in her oil paintings tales of longing, fears, passion and love. The paintbrush technique carries with it instinctive and primal emotions, that burst out of the colours. The use of paint as 3D material, and the mode of its placement on the canvas, produces an almost embossment that intensifies the light and shade transitions and creates a sense of liveliness in the painting. The drama between light and shade is discernible in her works, so that the contrast deepens the experience of observance and directs the observer to the center of the story.

Rebecca, born in 1961, grew up in the kibbutz of Kfar Azza. The experience of nature and freedom that life in the kibbutz is inculcated with, shaped her progression as an artist.

“My love for paints and paintbrush, like the sensation of pencil drawing on paper, carries me away during my creation. Time stops by as I enter inwards and concentrate on self and being”.